Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sunday 12-18-11

Travel lesson number one, don’t pack body wash at the last minute!  If you throw that stuff in your suitcase at the last minute, you aren’t likely to put it in a bag first.  If you don’t put it in a bag first, it could come open and drench the entire contents of your suitcase!

All our other departure plans went smoothly.  We left home at 6 a.m. this morning; two car rides and three flights later…Costa Rica! 

I have to admit to being the queen of seat-of-your-pants travel.  With all those opportunities for missed connections (Chicago to Tampa, Tampa to Miami, Miami to San Jose) it’s really a wonder

We had an amazing view on our first flight, from Chicago to Tampa.  It was a shock to see the sun after all the gray this morning.  And up above the clouds, only the very tops of the tallest skyscrapers could be seen.  It was a trip! 

Pablo met us at the airport and got us “home” safe and sound.  On the way, I got to practice my Spanish and to realize (again) that I need to practice my Spanish MORE.  This realization was further underscored when Rosi asked me what subject I taught and I responded by saying, “I teach how to have infants for breakfast.” 

Rosi is our hostess for this trip.  She, her husband Fabio, and their children made us very welcome on our first evening here, even after that whole comment about eating children…which says a LOT about the hospitality of the Ticos!  

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