Friday, December 30, 2011

Saturday December 24, 2011

Ah, our first day of rest!  Safiya and I slept until a decadent 10 a.m.  Actually, everyone slept in; Rosi stayed up late last night making tamales, a traditional food served in abundance during Christmas celebrations.   She was tired, too! 

There was a lot of cooking today, actually, and Safiya and I helped where we could.  Rosi es una buena cocinera, a very good cook!  I am definitely picking up some tips from her.  There may be hope for me yet J

Those are oranges I'm cutting up.  The peel is supposed to be more green, not florescent orange like the peels on the oranges I'm used to!

In the evening, we went to visit with Rosi’s sister Cindi.  We met more relatives, including this lovely bunch…

…and we ate more good food!  I REALLY like it here!

The one bit of discomfort—these! 

If it weren't for Safiya's constant encouragement (read embarrassment) I would have spent a lot of time standing in a corner scratching myself!  LOL!

Yes, something has been munching on me.  And here is why.  Yesterday, in a wild fit of gringa bravado, I was purposefully lax in my application of bug repellent.  I figured hey, the Ticos don’t seem to need it, I’m gonna be like them.  I’ve been here all of five days.  I’m probably immune to being bitten.  So, I spent a large part of the day roaming around the project “unprotected”.  Travel tip number whatever…don’t do that! 

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