Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday 12-20-11

Don Jaime, the founder of Proyecto Asis, picked Safiya and me up for work this morning!  He has been on site every day, so far, and seems to be very involved with the day-to-day operations there.  Actually, it’s cool to see how dedicated everyone is, and easy to see why the project is going strong after seventeen years! 

We did lots of cleaning today!  It took all morning.  It might have taken less time if I hadn’t been continuously set upon by the wildlife!  It seems that dreadlocks are a novelty to birds and beasts alike.  Mine were constantly in danger of being eaten…or nested in.  Either way, the morning cleaning was very lively!

It slowed down after lunch.  The students from Texas were around for most of the day today, so there wasn’t a lot of work left over for Safiya and me.   We had a leisurely lunch and caught up on some internet surfing, then did a bit more work before Don Jaime picked us up and brought us home.

Rosi and Fabio hosted the vet students for dinner in the evening.  We made tomales!  It’s not easy to fold those banana leaves; even harder to get them to STAY folded.  Even with all my previous origami experience (thanks Tom V.), my tomales were a bit misshapen and leaky.  I won’t know how they taste until tomorrow…maybe that’s for the best.

After dinner, Safiya and Laura, Rosi's daughter found a common interest…Jenga!

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